sometimes i think the only thing holding me back from suicide is being unable to decide on a final draft of my note.

a haiku

we were once happy.

and like the joy of childhood

we were extinguished

Shacked up with movies and snacks, 

we cuddled for hours between laughter attacks.

I didn’t mind kissing you in hallways

or handholding everywhich way and always.

Shit, I even bonded with your mom,

for our age that’s rare phenomenon. 

Maybe I’m just too polite, 

accepting that offer of spending the night.

If you go to fast you can crash,

I think you can agree, we were brash.

But it was fate anyway,

brought us to this day.

A girl like me can’t have ropes attached,

I’m sort of an ass, and really detached.

sometimes i stay awake
for days at a time
scribbling rapidfire thoughts
between faded blue lines

as if each new drop of ink
was a step towards
cleansing the mind

in retrospect, it’s silly
you were never even mine
you held my soft, white hands
but just to pass time

and, though painful, heartbreak’s not really a crime
after all, man is man- I guess you can’t expect divine

It would never happen… but a girl can dream.

I must admit I’m jealous of the coffee-stained mug’s brim that gets to meet your sleepy lips every morning. I envy the linens that cling to your embodiment as you embrace your slumber with exhausted sighs that should be escaping you not before bed, but between each deep kiss from which I’d seemingly never let you escape. I bet you wouldn’t need a brush if I could run my fingers through your pillow-styled hair before breakfast. I know there are ghosts in your stomach and demons in your head, but the tenants don’t define the property. All I’m saying is this green ambrosia and infiNetflix would be a lot better, if I could share them with someone cool and I bet that neither friend nor kin of yours finds you as interesting as I do- maybe it’s best we’re thousands of miles apart, I’m tempted enough to lose sleep over you as it is. 

It’s so frustrating to have these words pushing hard against the inside of my lips, scrambling out of my brain in attempts to lighten this heavy heart of mine, burdened by concepts of lost love, love to be, daydreams of you. 

These words can’t escape. My lips are locked too tightly to let sentiments slip through the cracks and collapse this foundation of self preservation and security.

Security; false security, provided by this wall, filled with ghostly bricks, echoing the sound of me sighing in worry that one day you’ll be one of them. 

And perhaps most saddening of all is my dire wish that I could share these thoughts with you comfortably and without fear of your response.

Or the fact that none of my words would really change anything

Because after all, the boy who cried wolf was eventually ignored

you’re not good enough

That echo in my head:

You’re not good enough



Tried silencing 

But the beats rang louder



clapped my ears ‘til

the waves caused vibrations

and crumbled the infrastructure of

this fragile cave of mind



you’re not good enough



The little girl grasped the leg of a familiar;

She looked upon him with respect and glory,

The same way we look to admire city ‘scrapers:

Astounded by their size and authority.

She opened her mouth, but he interrupted;

He said, with a frown, “I have to leave you now,

I’ve got some things to take care of:

They’re things you don’t understand.”

She responded, nearly in tears;

The words barely escaped her mouth,

“But you’ll be back, right? You won’t leave me:

You love me.”

He fondly smiled at her, and tousled her hair;

He plucked the flower from her hair and put it in his pocket,

And said “Of course I will, darling:

I love you more than the sun shines.”

He loosened her grip on his leg, and hugged her;

He promptly proceeded to walk away,

His long legs carrying him off to the horizon:

To bigger places for bigger people.

She was left there alone, tears brimming in her eyes;

She looked around for the face of a familiar,

But there were no legs to grasp:

Only her empty hands and wandering eyes.

                We layed in the grass,

watched the seasons pass

                ‘til the earth beneath

was dead and dry,

                So when you ask yourself

why my love persists,

                remember those nights

beneath the sky.

                Remember the bleachers-

The diamond and sand?

                When we were coy-

So young and shy?

                Now all that’s left

is small chit chat,

                a casual glance,

that last goodbye.

sadder songs

for some reason, you rent a permanent space in my head
and all of your shouting used to drive me mad!
but i silenced you with harsh words, blaring emotions and wounds to the soul.

i got what i wanted,
you’re quieter now
(but your songs are sadder too)